Review Request 114493: Plasmate: Merge plasmoidviewer2 branch into frameworks

Antonis Tsiapaliokas kok3rs at
Wed Feb 12 10:02:06 UTC 2014

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Review request for Plasma.



Sorry for my late response, but i was giving exams at my college. Tomorrow my exams will be over, so i will catch up
with all of my neglected patches.

About the patch. The issues with pointed out has been fixed. And with this patch i am solving a conflict.
So if there are no more issues. I think that it is ok to push it. What do you think? 

Repository: plasmate


This is a merge request for plasmoidviewer2 branch into the frameworks branch.

Plasmoidviewer2 branch contains some missing features and bug fixes.

Diffs (updated)

  plasmoidviewer/view.h 0e2e48c 
  plasmoidviewer/view.cpp be92113 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/shell/contents/views/Desktop.qml e5bedf3 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/shell/contents/views/Konsole.qml PRE-CREATION 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/shell/contents/views/SdkButtons.qml PRE-CREATION 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/contents/config/main.xml d889999 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/contents/ui/AppletAppearance.qml b23e098 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/contents/ui/BusyOverlay.qml 33d72c0 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/contents/ui/main.qml 6558710 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/metadata.desktop 9ddd217 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/shell/contents/views/Background.qml PRE-CREATION 
  plasmoidviewer/CMakeLists.txt 30de8e2 
  plasmoidviewer/fullview.h 7d4c70d 
  plasmoidviewer/fullview.cpp 898931a 
  plasmoidviewer/main.cpp 9b41e78 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/ c8a9b60 
  plasmoidviewer/qmlpackages/containment/contents/code/LayoutManager.js 62e149a 




Antonis Tsiapaliokas

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