Moving Milou to Extragear

Vishesh Handa me at
Tue Feb 11 10:55:01 UTC 2014

Hello people

I've been developing Milou for quite some time now and I think it would be 
best to move it into extragear so that a release can be made sometime after 
the 4.13 release.

Milou is a dedicated search plasmoid for Baloo. Here is a nice screenshot [1]. 
It also supports previews for certain file types, specially emails.

It implements its own form of "runners" called "sources". The main source is 
the Baloo source along with one for applications. On moving to KF5 its concept 
of sources will be dropped and it will directly use the runners. The needed 
features will be added to the krunner framework.

I could really use a review for the QML code, hence the plasma-devel cc.

Vishesh Handa


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