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Sun Feb 9 08:33:57 UTC 2014

Hi All!

I am sending this to both Plasma devel and KDE promo lists, as I think it
affects all of you - someone else can choose which list is the best choice
for the discussion to continue on :)

When the Kubuntu devs met in munich late last year (yep, its taken me a
while to get to it :/ ), we talked about providing a prefilled activity
that explains activities, to give people a clear understanding about how
activities can be used, and to encourage uptake of activity usage.

We feel that this could be something that is used across many distros,
rather than a Kubuntu only thing, and so I am taking it to you all, as

So first, I hope you agree this is a good idea, and if thats ok, perhaps we
can thrash out together the following questions:

* What message(s) would we like to convey?
* Has someone got the skills to design things in a KDE style?
* Which are the best plasma widgets to use?
 * Are there some specific ones we want to showcase?
* Any other pressing concerns?

We have only a short time for the first implementation as Kubuntu freeze is
on 20th February, and it needs to be tested before then. (sorry about

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon :)

Jussi Schultink
Kubuntu Cuncillor
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