The Visual Design Group and Plasma Devs

Jens Reuterberg jens at
Sat Feb 8 10:12:47 UTC 2014

Hey everyone!
Ok you may have heard about us (or not which is cool too). I just wanted to 
make a short introduction here since we will focus on Plasma NEXT for the time 
being and it might be beneficial if you all felt you had a solid way of 
contacting us and knew what we are about.

The KDE Visual Design Group is not only about getting some of the best 
designers into one organized group - although we do have 9 genius designers 
(From Icon designers, themers, graphics people, animators and illustrators) - 
its about improving the design workflow within the KDE community.  
We will try to take as many design issues as you can possibly throw at us - 
post them publicly (or not if you prefer) and either, if we take them as a 
group, say so and post our suggestions for community input or post them for 
community designers to pick them up and "claim them" or post suggestions and 

Our job will be to get you in contact with designers and get designers from 
the community in contact with the right devs. 

Our "base of operations" will be the KDE forums. I know you guys prefer the 
mailing lists but the forums are public, open and accessible in a way a 
mailing list isn't. To that end if you contact me (Jens Reuterberg, 
jens at - or Jens Reuterberg on Google Plus - or jensreuterberg at the 
KDE forums) any time of day, any day of the week - I will repost your request 
in the forums per your instructions given.
I will make certain it either gets picked up - or that it gets more and more 
attention until it does. Thats my promise to you guys: that no design issue 
will be left hanging or that any designer will feel "left out".

Do you need a fancy launch page for your project? A logo? An Icon? Layout help 
to better fit the design specs for Plasma Next? Some design, illustration or 
Copywriter help for your press-kit? All these and more is what we will do our 
utmost to fix.


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