plasma workspace integration for akonadi

Heena Mahour heena393 at
Thu Feb 6 16:29:48 UTC 2014

Greetings ,
I was recently discussing about the integration of plasma workspace for
akonadi with Kevin , as also suggested in [1] but is not yet done . Further
, Since is Plasma is moving toward Qt 5.2 and QML 2.0 while akonadi is not
.It could be achieved by using the control d-bus of akonadi directly
,without the use of kdepimlibs .It would be nice to get some suggestions
over this idea from plasma-devel :)
On a second note , it would be nice to have a mentor for it from plasma as
well apart from Kevin since it is more inclined towards plasma
Regards !

Season of kde'12 participant
Google Summer of Code 2013
Delhi College of Engineering(COE),India
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