Date in digital-clock?

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at
Thu Feb 6 10:41:56 UTC 2014

On Thursday 06 February 2014 08:16:43 Kai Uwe Broulik wrote:
> Hi,
> The current way it is in plasma-desktop is broken imho, as Martin already
> pointed out. But I think we should not drop that feature.

+1, I don't think we should drop it.

> My proposal would be a simple checkbox which gives you a "Thu, Feb 6 08:10"
> (locale aware of course "Di, 6. Feb. 08:10") in one row. That is a bit
> longer, yes, but should still fit neatly in your panel for those that need
> a date at a glance and way more useful and readable than showing it in two
> rows, and the year doesn't change that often that you couldn't remember it.
> ;)

Another suggestion: Can't we link the date format to the display of seconds? 
If seconds are shown, we can show a longer format date on the second row 
without having to widen the Plasmoid overall. If seconds are not shown, a long 
second row looks bad.
I don't really like putting it all in one row. The time is certainly what 
people need more often, even those that like to have the date shown, so it 
should be displayed more prominently.

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