Minutes Monday Plasma hangout

Thomas Pfeiffer colomar at autistici.org
Tue Feb 4 08:55:50 UTC 2014

On 03.02.2014 13:47, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> On Monday 03 February 2014 13:31:55 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
>> Plasma Meeting February, 3rd, 2014
>> Present: David Edmundson, Marco Martin, Martin Gräßlin, Sebastian Kügler
>> sebas:
>> - sebas/themeswitch branch allows switching themes, almost good to merge:
>> 	- Blur should depend on theme values
>> 	- styled icons don't change on theme changes (notmart will have a look)
>> mgräßlin (yes, I'm being creative here with the nick):
>> - fixed screenedges
>> - statusnotifer backend for systemtray almost merge-ready in Qt (will end up
>> in QPA plugin, but not before 5.3)
>> - KWindowSystem is almost wayland-ready
> same clarification as last time: "ready" means doesn't crash, not that it
> works!

Ehm wait: So "almost merge-ready in Qt" means "doesn't crash, but 
doesn't work either"? So you'd merge things into Qt which do not work as 
long as they don't crash? Or is "almost merge-ready" = "doesn't crash" 
and "merge-ready" = "actually works"?

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