plasma-desktop/kcms/input breakage

Harald Sitter sitter at
Wed Apr 2 12:12:57 UTC 2014


the input kcm has a bit of a logic problem resulting in this build failure:

problems I have identified thus far:
- no cmake logging/check in place for xcursor dependency
- when xcursor dependency is not present a different set of includes
will be used [1]
- the includes for when xcursor is not present have no include path to
qlayout/qvboxlayout producing the aformentioned build failure

I am not sure how exactly this is supposed to work. The fix might be
as simple as introducing the cmake feature logging and adding an
include of vboxlayout to kcmcursor.cpp, or something more elaborate.
It would be lovely if someone with more background knowledge could
take a look at this.



(P.S. in my opinion build time paths like this require additional
handling in jenkins as currently this path is not covered by CI at
all, which is probably why it is broken, alternatively xcursor should
simply be promoted to a require dependency)

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