QML Locale bindings not formatting time correctly

Anant Kamath kamathanant at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 10:23:38 UTC 2013

Some functions in the QML Locale bindings (in KDE 4.10.1) seem to be
ignoring some flags:

For example->
This QML code:

Locale {
            id: locale

PlasmaComponents.Label {
        text: locale.formatLocaleTime(  "11:12:13", Locale.TimeWithoutAmPm


returns the time as 11:12:13 AM
which is incorrect, as the AM should not be visible. i.e. correct output
should be 11:12:13


text: locale.formatLocaleTime( "11:12:13", Locale.TimeWithoutSeconds )

still returns 11:12:13 AM,
when the output should be 11:12 AM

The actual KLocale::formatLocaleTime() function in C++ ofcourse, works

Is there anything wrong in my QML code or is this a bug?

Anant Kamath
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