Workspace Next Sprint Organization

Àlex Fiestas afiestas at
Thu May 10 15:25:18 UTC 2012

Hi there!

First of all I'd like to remind you that by now you should have bought your 
flight tickets, if you haven't, please do it asap! we are 1 month away from the 

Björn Balazs, Aurélien Gâteau, Kevin Ottens and I have been talking about some 
ideas on how to organize the sprint, as well as discussing some feedback we 
already got from the attendees (like the fact that we need hacking time).

Before going any further though, we'd like to ask if anybody wants to join us 
in the organization, and if you are ok with us doing this job.

Basically what we are going to do is imagine how the sprint will work, prepare 
room for everything (vision, technical stuff, design stuff, having fun...). 

Of course, whatever we come out with will be a tentative schedule of how we 
think people should be organized. Once we are on the sprint things may of 
course change.

So, what do you think? I think this is going to be awesome !

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