plasma-overlay can't load qml files?

Shaun Reich sreich at
Wed Feb 29 20:55:36 UTC 2012

can anyone else get plasma-overlay (screensaver) to load qml files? it
simply doesn't want to. (i changed the default loader from clock to a
qml applet), in savercorona.cpp

i get errors like these: lasma-sal(28448)/libplasma
invalid, basePath is ""

the best part? works fine in plasmoidviewer -_-

and it's right too, there is no package there. i only have sal in
plasma/plasmoids/sal. (sal btw, is not the traditional one. i'm
juicing it up with some qml magical beans)

anyone have any ideas on this matter? stracing it didn't pull anything
useful out from what i could see. Does this at least happen for
someone else as well? maybe i'm installing my applet improperly?

Shaun Reich,
KDE Software Developer (

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