Plasma development at GSoC

Łukasz Olender lukiasz at
Mon Feb 27 07:34:20 UTC 2012


I'm considering participate in 2012's Google Summer of Code. I'm using KDE
for five years, so I thought I could help develop something in it. I saw a
list of ideas and I think that I could help in re-writing plasmoids
initialization system:
I'm a third year student who never programmed in KDE and I know that you
are looking for person who actually is able to complete the task, so I
thought it will be good idea to contact with you and mentors and maybe get
some tasks to complete before GSoC will start to make you know that I can
be a right person on the right place. I also didn't participate in GSoC so
I don't know how it looks from inside. Can you give me some advices what I
should do to get involved into KDE?

Best regards,

Lukasz Olender
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