Next Workspace iteration

Alex Fiestas afiestas at
Sat Feb 25 16:31:16 UTC 2012

Hi there fellow workspace developers !

A few days ago I set up a meeting with some other workspace hackers in order 
to gather opinions and ideas of how and when we should start to work on the 
next Workspace iteration. Surprisingly everybody thought more or less the same 
and we quickly agreed on some points:

- We want to itensify the Plasma Desktop porting to QML1
    Writing plasmoids with the same level of polishing as we have now is not 
trivial and we should focus on this.
- We will use current technology (preferably QML1, less QGV)
    Porting everything to QML1 will ease the adoption of QML2. We don't want 
to wait until all underlying technologies like Wayland/Qt5+QML2/KDE 
Frameworks5 are ready to start our work.
- Before doing anything, we need a vision
    We don't want to change stuff just for the sake of changing, so we need a 
vision that specifies where we are going and what we are doing.
- Wayland should be always considered
    There are plenty of parts within our workspace that must be ported to 
Wayland besides KWin, so we should consider this when writing or modifying 
- Since we will port everything to QML1 first, we should be able to provide 
exactly the same experience as we do in the current Workspace.

While some points can be done via internet such organizing QML and Wayland 
porting, there is one that should be done in a sprint which is "Creating a 

For this purpose, we are organizing a sprint, possibly in April or May, where 
interested parties should gather and discuss what is going to be the 
"Workspace of the Future".  In order to put together the team who will start 
working on the future Plasma vision, please contact Aleix Pol 
<aleixpol at> who will be setting up this sprint, saying what's your 
background and interests.

Since our budget will be limited and, most of all, we want to keep this sprint 
as productive as possible, we kindly ask that only relevant stakeholders or 
people who are planning to put a very relevant effort in the short/mid/long 
term in this project apply for participating. Think of this meeting as 
something really similar to Platform_11, but for the Workspace area.

Of course, any feedback about our proposals and anything else is more than 
welcome. If you feel something is being left out, don't hesitate to add this 
in your reply, or if you don't agree with something, let's discuss.

Depending on the replies this thread gets, we may want to organize a real 
worksapce meeting to organize or discuss stuff.

Cheers !

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