Expanding PlasmaCore.Dialog in Qml

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:41:21 CEST 2011

On Thursday 26 May 2011, Onur-Hayri Bakici wrote:
> > the dialog is a top level widget/window (it's used to have standalone
> > windows), and is not influenced  by its parent widget.
> > instead, you put an Item inside the dialog and to control the size you
> > either set the one of the dialog or its internal widget
> Thank you for the clou, however I came across another limitation. The
> PlasmaCore.Dialog Component only requires a QGraphicsWidget as the
> mainItem. When I put a ListView into the QGraphicsWidget, it doesn't get
> displayed. Is there maybe any other way to bypass this problem?

that strange, in the source code (you can take a look atkde-
runtime/plasma/declarativeimports/core/dialog.cpp )
there are 2 different code paths for qgraphicswidgets and qdeclarativeitems, 
there could be a bug there, but iirc i'm already ising normal 
qdeclaraticeitems elsewhere (note that they have to have a width and height 
set before being setted in the dialog, or the dialog could remain with 0,0 

Marco Martin

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