Questions about dataengines and apologizes

Matthieu Gallien matthieu_gallien at
Thu Jan 20 22:19:47 CET 2011

Hello dear Plasma folks,

first, I would like to apologize having totally disappeared after having
been the cause of memory leaks in the systray. Real life was plenty full for
me at that time.

I am trying to find something that is sustainable with 1h and half of time
in commuter trains.

This is where I need some advice. I would like to develop a dataengine that
can present group of data sources from some server where you connect through
a custom tcp protocol.
I do not know how to transfer to the dataengine the address and port of a
server that would then be translated into multiple data sources in the

I believe that some of the current solutions rely on encoding the address in
the name of a requested source.
I am not sure if a service could be used and how.

What are your recommendations ?

PS : by the way, I noticed that there is no techbase tutorial on writing
services in a data engine. If the way it is done in the task engine is
correct, I can try in the following month to make some text, but I will need
a review from somebody.

Best regards and an happy new year to you very lively plasma folks
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