[patch] enabling autorun in devicenotifier applet

Jacopo De Simoi wilderkde at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 00:13:39 CET 2011

> On Wednesday, January 5, 2011, Jacopo De Simoi wrote:
> > Was there a specific reason for patching the notifier?
> yep: Maarten, who wanted, the feature appear on irc and i offered a few places 
> he could do this, and he picked the easiest and shortest path. the itch he was 
> scratching is this: he's put together a "media" computer using Plasma Destop 
> which he has locked down quite a bit. one feature he needed was for media 
> plugged in to "just work", e.g. pop in a DVD and xine starts up.
> he now has this working with his customized distro (i forget which one he 
> started with as a basis.. fedora? anyways.. he's been testing his changes via 
> patching and building new packages and installing them that way...)
> i asked him to email his patch here so we could go from where he left off to 
> something we can include in upstream :)
> if nothing else, this provides a reasonable proof of concept, which shows that 
> there is both value to the idea and that it works in even this basic form.

Ok, excellent! 
I can help with moving the code to a more appropriate place (if help is needed of course!)

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