Plasma mediacenter - is it still alive?

Onur-Hayri Bakici thehayro at
Thu Feb 24 22:02:46 CET 2011

On 10.02.2011 13:59, Marco Martin wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 February 2011, Onur-Hayri Bakici wrote:
>> On 08.02.2011 23:40, Marco Martin wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 08 February 2011, Marco Martin wrote:
>>>>> I've found the techbase-page
>>>>>  and a
>>>>> gitorious project  that hasn't
>>>>> been updated for quite sometime.
>>>> for everybody that wants to do a gsoc: put it in the wiki NOW as lidya
>>>> just wrote :p
>>> I added one on mediacenter: if someone has different ideas, please don't
>>> hesitate to add a different one or even modify a lot that one
>> To your idea of PMC in GSoC: It would be also cool to integrate the
>> online media provider services into the GUI as well.
>> I am still planning to enhance my GSoC project from last year :)
> absolutely!
> this is another thing i would love seeing it get going.
> it kinda depends the underlying thing being finally a bit working and stable
> instead of continuously drifting away
What do you suggest for expanding? More plugins?


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