GSOC 2011 QMLify widgets or something

Travis McHenry wordsizzle at
Wed Feb 23 20:46:54 CET 2011

Hey, I'm interested in the GSOC project for porting some plasma widgets to

I've done some work for Konversation over the past couple years (helping
port to qt4, redoing the channel list window, redoing encryption etc.) so
I'm well versed in Qt/C++ but not so much in QML. I was thinking to get
started I'd try my hand at making a google calendar widget (not just using a
webview) that supports agenda and task creation/completion in QML. The plus
side is that I actually want to have this widget so it's good motivation
lol. The downside is I've since learned there's no tasks api yet and gtasks
(android app) does this via 'magic' lol.

I'm new to the whole GSOC process so I'm hopin to get a lot of feedback.
Someone else already made  a thread about the QMLify widgets idea so I
figured I'd list some other ideas I might be interested in to get some
feedback on them.

1) Plasma media center first release
Would this be just finishing up the project? I think this has been a GSOC
project before so I'm not sure how much work remains to be done. In other
words, I don't know if the level of work left to do would be enough to
warrant a GSOC project.

2) Spread activities to applications
I'm not sure I understand what the ultimate goal is in this what
are the use cases for the finished product? Would it be basically making
applications have per-activity configurations? Like in konversation you'd
have tabs A B and C open up in activity 1 and in activity 2 you'd have D E
and F open?

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