R: [GSOC] Home automation

Julian Bäume julian at svg4all.de
Sat Feb 19 20:35:22 CET 2011


Am Samstag, 19. Februar 2011, 20:11:21 schrieb LucaTringali:
> It would be perfect, in particular talking about Plasma Media Center.
> The mediacenter, infact, will be the "head" of the home automation in the
> next future.

Well, I don’t think so ;) Did you have a look at the web-page of the system? 
Home automation is much more than a media center. It’s about managing a home, 
with many rooms. A media center is most likely not distributed over all rooms. 
I wouldn’t consider it a 'must have' feature to switch the music your children 
are listening to in the next room and stuff like that ;)

That said, I agree, that the media center should be a part of a home 
automation system, but it’s not the most important one.

bye then
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