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On Thursday, February 17, 2011, John Layt wrote:
> and panels and plugging/unplugging that I should really find/open bug

s,open,fix,g ;)

seriously, the main reason why kicker got as good with multiscreen (not to 
mention multiple panels on the same screen) as it did is because i used a 2 
screen desktop for ~2 years, during which time i fixed every issue i spotted.

it was worth it to me because it affected my daily usage. i used multiple 
panels on both screens of a multi-screen set up, my workflow at the time 
relied on it, so i put some effort into it.

opening bug reports does nothing, directly, to make the code better.

i'm not expecting to have a multiscreen setup again for the foreseeable 
future, so it really needs some other people chipping away at the user 
experience of panels in multiscreen. your lives will improve, as will many 
others who also use multiscreen.

just think how absurd it is that, once again, most of the current multiscreen 
features and fixes in plasma-desktop (including multihead) have been written 
by me on a single screen system. "absurd" is the perfect word. i've had some 
grateful and dedicated testers, but that's like feeding each other with 10 
foot chopsticks: yes, it's possible, but it's really clumsy and very silly.

i know man of you have a million other things to do, but this is an excellent 
investment in your day to day experience on your computer. and generally, once 
it's Fixed(tm) it doesn't need to be revisited as that code tends not to 
change at all once working.

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