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Marco Martin notmart at
Wed Feb 16 22:47:26 CET 2011

On Wednesday 16 February 2011, you wrote:
> Oh, I thought you meant to use "AccessibleDescription" as a suffix.
> I guess my concern with not having two is that it means when there is a
> state change signal we've got to do a DBus round trip before we can
> accurately display that state change.  With having two we can grab the
> description when we get the icon changed signal (or attention icon
> changed) when, in theory, the description would change as well.
> Another approach would be to add a signal for when the description
> changed.
> What do you think?

well, probably thinking with our implementation too much in mind..
in the end we found that asking for single properties  in dbus had so round 
trip that we just get everything when anything changes, transeffing even a big 
a mount of data is fast, the asking and waiting for the dbus response is less, 
so even when just changes the state, (or any other property for twhat matters) 
we just re get everything (that is not pretty but is actually faster than just 
getting 3-4 properties one after the other).

now yeah this could not be adapt to a defferent implementation.

so yeh, a signal is an option as well...
to discuss about one vs two property, i added plasma-devel at in CC 
again, so we'll get this sorted out quickly.

Marco Martin

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