Featurlets for 4.7

todd rme toddrme2178 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 00:00:27 CET 2011

On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 2:21 PM, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde.org> wrote:
> On Sunday, February 13, 2011, todd rme wrote:
>> Okay, I will do so.  Not all of these ideas are mine, I am just
>> passing along the ones I think are worthwhile:
> thanks for the list. please add the ones with consensus to the web page.

>> Device Notifier:
>> 1. Double click on a device to open it in the default application.
>> Alternatively, have an icon on the right with the default application
>> and click on that.
> -1; single click means two clicks, so there is no savings here. it will only
> make the code even more complex for no real win.

There is a saving because you don't have to find your target,
re-position the mouse, then click again.

And what about the icon variant?  That only needs 1 click

>> Lock/Logout:
>> 1. Add more options: Screen saver, shut down, reboot, turn off screen.
> screen saver == lock;
Not everyone wants to lock their screen.

> shutdown and reboot == leave;
The whole point is to have separate options for shut down and reboot.
That way you can logout with just one click instead of needing two.

> turn off screen is better
> left to hardware keys.

>> 2. Put icons of the options next to the options on the config dialog.

Was there supposed to be a comment here?

>> Calculator:
>> 1. Scientific mode
> no; start a different plasmoid that can become the uber graphing science
> monster calculator :)

This would still be a smallish job since it would almost certainly
start as a fork of the existing one, so should that go in?

>> 2. Enable and disable labels independently for the main portion and
>> the popup.  Currently the popup always has labels.
> what would the point of this be?

The labels take up a lot of space, forcing you to move your mouse
further, and they force the popup into a vertical orientation.

>> Folder view:
>> 1. On hover on the title, show a "refresh" button.
> when is refresh needed?

Ideally it wouldn't be, but as long as fam is optional you can't count
on folders being properly refreshed.  It is also needed when you use
nepomuk searches as your folder view, since those are not properly
refreshed on changes.

>> Preview:
>> 1. Integrate the "preview" widget with the dolphin part, so when
>> clicking the "preview" action in dolphin it popups up the preview
>> widget above dolphin with a preview of that file
> not sure about this one; would highly depend on the UI implementation imho.

It would be the same UI as on the desktop, only it wouldn't be on the
desktop.  We already have the action there, it just doesn't work very
well (if at all, I couldn't figure out how to get it to work at

>> World clock
>> 1. Let the user temporarily set a custom time for the local time zone,
>> and the use the mouse to check what that time is in other time zones.
> we already do that in the clock plasmoids; world clock is a marble thing,
> though. making it consistent with the other clock plasmoids would be good.

I think you misunderstood, what I meant is let a user type in a
particular time, and then let the user see what that time corresponds
to in other time zones.

>> 3. The panel should unhide when you drag a widget to it.
> it does for new widgets; if you mean drag'n'drop (DnD) between containments,
> well, that whole system needs a rewrite. what needs to happen is once the
> widget hits the "edge" (+ some margin?) of the containment it should be turned
> into a QDrag and "normal" DnD can begin. at which point, the panels will all
> Just Work(tm). bonus: it will also fix the "between multiple screens", "from
> panel to desktop" and perhaps even "between multiple activities" problem of
> DnD not supported well.

Then I take it this is too much for a featurelet?

>> Cashew:
>> 1. Mouse actions for the cashew.  Currently we have mouse actions for
>> doing mouse events on the desktop.  We should have the same thing for
>> the cashew (except for left mouse click, of course).  For instance a
>> user could have scroll wheel on the desktop to change virtual
>> desktops, and scroll wheel on the cashew to change activities.
> mmm.. sounds complicated, in terms of configuration. it's possible, but my
> questions would be:
> * why just on the toolbox, rather than the whole containment?

You can already do it on the whole containment, the idea would be to
provide additional options for the cashew.

> * what would the configuration UI look like?

Take the existing mouse actions config, and have two sections
"Background" and "cashew" (or whatever you want to call it, the names
are not important).  Both would be the same as the existing one.

Another I just thought of:

Let users set a blank label for the folder view.  The label shouldn't
take up and space when it is blank.

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