SNI Additions Summary

Marco Martin notmart at
Sat Feb 12 13:27:37 CET 2011

On Friday 11 February 2011, Ted Gould wrote:
> Okay,
> I think we're done discussing, so let me try and summarize to make sure
> I understand (and everyone can correct me if not :)
>       * Adding a field "X-KDE-StatusNotifierItems" to track the IDs of
>         items in the desktop files was agreed upon.  Other solutions
>         were talked about, but this one seemed as good and relatively
>         simple.

abosolutely, +1

>       * Adding a property for the accessible labels for the icons is
>         agreed upon but the spec should specifically state that if it is
>         not available the title of the tooltip should be used in its

ok. about the name of the property: AccessibleDescription?

>         place.  Also, the narrative text in the spec should talk about
>         the usage and differentiation between the two values.


>       * KDE is not interested in having the *ShowIn fields to allow for
>         app developers to target specific visualizations.  We should
>         implement this in the "XCanonical" namespace and mention that it
>         won't work on all implementations.

yes, I'm completely fine with implementations having extensions.
However, i think that would still be useful to try to identify in a more 
semantic way, to hide icons based on properties rather than explicity, but 
anyways, your call :)

> If that's good I'll propose a diff to the spec for those fields.

that would be really appreciated :D

> Thanks everyone for the discussion and ideas!

beautiful when collaboration happens!

Marco Martin

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