The Plasma team in Bilbao

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Feb 10 14:07:25 CET 2011

On Thursday 10 February 2011, Aleix Pol wrote:
> > If the problem is the dates, maybe we can try to fix it still, but you
> > should tell me now. Regarding the "dispersive being all together" part, I
> > fully understand as well, I've seen that same problem myself before. I
> > asked the organizer if it would be possible to have two rooms (one for
> > edu, one for plasma) and he was optimistic about it. I think we could
> > solve that problem.
> > 
> > See you!
> > Aleix
> Should I take this silence as a no?
> It's a little frustrating... -.-

I must say to everybody that I'm really not impressed by this.
Aleix kindly offered us to join, and as him, I really wanted to see opinions 
of people, I know for instance soebody cannot come in early april, some other 
cannot in late april (wouldn't make so much difference to me personally, since 
i could go to either, just not both).

I didn't tough it was so hard just saying "i can't 3 april" "to me is either" 
or "i prefer being less people". This is really the last call, PLEASE.

And Aleix, sorry for this :(

Marco Martin

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