Custom plasma shell

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Thu Feb 10 09:28:55 CET 2011

I'm not sure I see this as Martin did.

The thing I agree with is that this can't be plasma. This would first
and foremost need to be a new window manager, which would load
plasmoids as windows. (so, I agree with the 'hardly possible'
statement - implementing a new WM is not a trivial task, far from it)

So, this can't be window-as-a-plasmoid (as Martin said a hackish and
broken concept) but it would need to be the other way round
plasmoid-as-a-window which is possible and works well even today.

So, essentially if you want to go from 'impossible' to 'hardly
possible' replace 'plasmoid' with 'application window' :)

As for the ideas:
- Creating a window by 'drawing' a rectangle on the desktop is similar
to what Plan 9 OS is doing. With one significant difference - you
choose 'start an app' and then you can 'draw' anywhere - not only on
the desktop. So, it works even when you don't see your desktop.
- Having resize/move a window influence other windows is a rather nice
concept. Although, IMO, that part could be improved in your mocks
- Taskbar showing only windows that are minimized or completely
covered by some other window looks nice.


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