gitness of plasma-mobile

Marco Martin notmart at
Sat Feb 5 21:58:00 CET 2011

Hi all,
a first attempt of conversion to git of plasma-mobile has been done, here it 

please take a look (especially artur :) if there is some major breakage, then 
i'll proceed requesting to promote it to playground.

other things of interest that will have shortly to find a better home are:
Plasma qtcomponents:
this should go in a branch of runtime

libkdeclarative(kdelibs-level qml engine hack+registration of needed 
this should go in a branch of kdelibs/experimental?

important stuff to move is still the qml based plasmoids replacements (rules 
still to write), that i think they should go in a branch called 
plasma/qmlplasmoids existent both in kde-workspace and kdeplasma-addons

also, a raid of playground to see what could be worth converting could be nice 
;) (i think riccardo already wrote plasmate rules)

Marco Martin

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