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Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Feb 4 00:10:13 CET 2011

On Thursday 03 February 2011, alex.tolar wrote:
> Good night everybody,
Yo, good evening.
thanks for the feedback I really think you should subscribe to the list, will 
be easier to keep the discourse pen ;)
> About Activities
> - detail: switch "Add spacer" button on the Panel menu with "Activities"
> button on the "Add Widgets" menu (reason is clear: Tool Box > Activities |
> Panel Tool Box > Activities | Spacer = Widget)
> These mock-ups are
> not mocking!

well, the fact that the spacer is a widget is quite an implementation 
i would like someting more intuitive to what we have now tough..

> About Tool Box
> - There's a huge practical problem with the Tool Box: it must not be
> covered by windows. That's a good reason (and a good idea!) why it should

there is the problem of multi monitor, but yes, something worth exploring

> be moved to Krunner. - could be a bonus to automatically launch Krunner
> when switching to a Dashboard?
could be a good idea yes, or even having it with the lineedit always visible

> Devil said..
> "Next version of OsX will feature the fusion of Dashboard, Application
> launching and Expose in a single central place."

it's fun how an application launching interface in dashboard (a SAL) is 
possible to do in kde since some time, we should really market more our 
innovations ;)

> And now, a geek story.
> Since 2 years my pc is a 10" netbook. After infinite geeky tweaks, I've
> found 2 "perfect" setups: 1) will be Unity compiz-3d / Unity qt-2d
> (currently using the latter) 2) Plasma "Desktop" + "Windows can cover"
> Panel + Menubars not shown + Present windows
> My "computing" is 3 things:
> (1) launching apps:
> + merging launchers into the taskbar has been a total success for me
> + krunner is great
yes, launchers into taskbar just landed in 4.6, has to be polished a lot now 
> - what do I need more? Kickoff polish.

or, pretty much maintaining it while making krunner so great kickoff won't be 

> (2) finding docs:
> + hierarchical browsing in Dolphin
> + "Recently used" tab in Kickoff
> + Folder view plasmoid
> (krunner+Nepomuk? no. 99% of the times I don't remember the file name.
> nepomuk is demanding for a netbook, strigi pure luxury)

right now nepomuk is demanding de to some tecnical problems in both nepomuk 
itself and their upstream (virtuoso): it should get way better in the future.

> Thanks for your attention, good day
> Alex
> Ps. the end of my previous email has been cut after being sent..

nice mockups :)

Marco Martin

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