the next step on the desktop : what now?

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Feb 3 23:49:33 CET 2011

Hi all,
so, we had an astonishing inflow of ideas, opinions and use cases during these 
days, this was really great, keep em coming!
It's amazing how much passion and energy there still is in this particular 
topic, as the thread says, the next step on the desktop.

As ideas flows, there is an important reminder for everyone : remember to put 
them in the wiki
or we can get lost pretty quickly ;)

Now, all of this is beautiful, but what next, some of those ideas are really 
good, some less desiderable for various reason, some not really feasible (yet? 

I would ask people to describe their ideas better with mockups if they can, 
doesn't matter the quality, don't be afraid if they aren't nuno-grade ;)
with them is more easy to explain ideas (or even retract them if doesn't seem 
to make sense in graphics ;)

(btw, Alex just mentioned a neat little app whose main target is apparently 
exaclty doing mockups easily

Next step, will be, do you really want this particular feature? do you have 
some pain point in particular? that is the best excuse you can have ever to 
enter in development , try to understand sources, make patches :) but this is 
for the next time...

think about the next step of the desktop people, think about... :D

Marco Martin

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