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Thu Feb 3 18:07:34 CET 2011

first, thanks for working with us on this Ted. it really helps keep things 
moving forward in a coordinate fashion, and makes our lives (and hopefully 
yours) a lot brighter. :)

oh, and you don't need to CC Marco and I, we're on the plasma-devel list :)

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Ted Gould wrote:
> One of the projects we're doing is to try and make Unity more
> accessible.  To that end we'd like to add properties to add accessible
> labels for the icons that could be given to screen readers.  We're
> planning on issuing warnings if an icon is set without an accessible
> label, it would be great if the KDE object could do the same.  Here are
> the properties that we're thinking about: IconAccessibleLabel and
> AttentionAccessibleLabel.  They should be strings describing the
> icons/movies, localized and change with the icon.  An example would be
> "Battery 45%".

when would the AttentionAccessibleLabel be used (as opposed to the Icon one)? 
are they ever used simultaneously? is the Icon label a more-or-less static 
description fo the icon, and the Attention label is more information for when 
something "exciting" happens?

can we re-purpose the tooltip for this?

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