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Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Thu Feb 3 18:16:57 CET 2011

A.S. I might sound like I'm totally against the ideas proposed, I'm not - 
I'm just pointing out the potential problems instead of just +1-ing the 
good parts.

> That doesn't seem to be a problem with the add widgets dialog, or with
> the default Dolphin icons view, either..  I think it is fine if they
> are clearly separated visually.  These aren't big blocks of text, they
> are clearly separated combinations if cons and text.

Lets entertain the idea that it doesn't (although I'm not lenient to agree 
on that one :) ) - you suggested to show it in the panel itself. By 
default, panel's height is not enough to fit in the 'icon above text' 
items, you you'd need to end up with a format like the current taskbar.

> That assumes that you use the whole height of the screen for the
> vertical menu, but do you?  Certainly not be default.  I think it

Well, you can. If you use the classic menu, it stretches as much as it 
needs. Shelf applet as well (though it can't really be used for general 
app launching yet)

> That assumes you only use it for launching applications.  This would
> not be the case.  It would be used for krunner, for instance.  I have
> lots of trouble with krunner's calculator and dictionary runners since

Ok, again, when you do the calculations, krunner takes 200x50 pixels 
(approx) - is it much? (I'm not saying that replacing panel contents is 
bad, just that it has some bad side-effects)

> If you are solely concerned with issue with lunching applications, you
> could make it so that clicking one of the application folders brings
> up a vertical menu that you can then use to navigate that folder.
> Whether it displays a menu or replace the current horizontal view
> could be up to the individual thing being displayed, since while I
> agree some things are better displayed vertically, while others are
> better displayed horizontally.

The idea is intriguing. I have my doubts when reading about it, but it may 
prove to be perfect while using it. (if it becomes real)

This is something that could go very nicely with the global menu bar (ala 
MacOS) - the horizontal menu you are proposing is essentially that, but 
for the 'workspace' and not for the app itself.

> This is a problem with any grouped task manager.  The default task
> manager has the same problem when grouping is enabled (which it is by
> default).  In an earlier email I explained this in the benefits and
> drawbacks of dock-style task manager.

Agreed (as with your pros and cons of docks). I just don't find the 
'current default has problems' to be a reason for 'it is not important 
whether a new idea has the same problem)

> True, which is why I am proposing putting more focus on favorite
> applications and krunner, putting both of those right in the panel.  I
> think accessing those without having to bring up the application
> launcher would be much faster.

I agree, but that part is possible with the current system as well. Just 
for that, we'd only need a krunner plasmoid (IIRC, it exists, just don't 
know where :) )


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