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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Feb 2 23:42:03 CET 2011

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011, you wrote:
> a test branch merge request (BMR :) for aseigo/activityrunner

i'd like to propose that we use review board for merge requests, particularly 
as a way to signal that "this branch is ready!" for new features. it's a 
familiar tool to us all, if a bit different with git.

to generate this one i did:

git checkout aseigo/activityrunner
git merge master
git push
post-review --parent=master --tracking-

see here:

for more info on using post-review with kde's git infrastructure. post-review 
needs some work so it can understand git shorcut urls :) anyways ...

in this proposal, whenever we wish to merge a feature branch into master (or, 
later, into our integration branch) we would create such a MR in reviewboard. 
these RB entries should have topics that start with "MR:" so we know it's an 
actual merge request rather than something else.

even if you merge the branch yourself, i think we should create one of these 
so that they can be tracked. once it has been merged into master, then it can 
be closed. if/when we get an integration branch, i think this can become 
particularly important for the person responsible for merging integration into 

esp if we end up with an "features always welcome in integration branch" 
policy, then it will be crucial to be able to keep track of what has been 
merged during freeze periods in the release schedule. i'm not sure RB will be 
the best place for this yet, and i hope to discuss this topic with people 
wiser with git than me at the kdelibs git workflow meeting.


Aaron J. Seigo
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