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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed Feb 2 03:25:33 CET 2011

hi all...

huzzah for the new git, huh? ok.. so ... feature branches. there is going to 
be an irc meeting, probably the weekend after next, about the workflow for 
kdelibs and kde-runtime. i hope we will be able to use that for kde-workspace 
as well.

in any case, i just pushed a new feature branch to kde-workspace: 
aseigo/activityrunner ... just as Martin did with the kwin branches, i've 
prefaced them with my commit account so it is easy to see who is responsible 
for it. if there are multiple people who are collaborating on a branch from 
the start, we'll have to come up with something better/different i guess :)

as you might guess, aseigo/activityrunner has an activities runner in 
plasma/generic/runners/activities. and it basically works:

"activity" (or the i18n of that) lists all activities
"activity <something>" will start to match activities by name

i can imagine other possible features (removal? renaming? creation?) but i'd 
rather start with this. code review is welcome and desired. i'll put it up for 
"kde review" shortly once others have tried it and feature scope definition 

note that i also had to make a small change to KActivityConsumer, to fully 
scope the name of the enum in the signal so it is reasonably easy to connect 

p.s. why an activities runner? why, as part of the "make activity features 
ubiquitous" goal for 4.7 :)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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