the next step on the desktop: a widget at all activities

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Tue Feb 1 18:16:45 CET 2011

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, J Janz wrote:
> However, it'd be quite helpful to have Video, Audio and Image activities,
> where, taking the same amount of space at the desktop, I could have
> respective folderviews grouped with some more plasmoids to easily provide
> me more related content. For example, at Video I want a Web Slice with TV

this is what "clone activity" is so nice for. being able to save an activity 
as a template (should not be hard; i demonstrated the basics in javascript 
some months ago, it wouldn't be much hader in C++) would open new 
possibilities as well, as we already have template based creation.

> became too small for the needs and has to be resized. Desktop and Dowloads
> folderviews would be resized/repositioned once to all activities and
> activities' specific plasmoids, if grouped, would only take one
> resizing/repositioning to each group.

and if you have other widgets on the other containments, it'll be so very easy 
to end up with an utter mess as a result. which means people will then want to 
be able to "break the group" and resize just that one individually. and then 
we'd need UI to be able to manage which activities a widget is on.

ignoring that this completely fights the internal design and will cause pain 
for things such as "when you export an activity, should the groupings be 
maintained as well?", this seems like a relatively niche idea that would carry 
a ton of overhead.

i can imagine things like "containments in more than one activity" and then 
have a way to switch between containments on a single screen associated with 
an activity ... but again it ends up being more complexity, more UI, more 
management and more code to juggle it all.


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