Automatic activity switching and other stuff -- thoughts for 4.7

John Layt johnlayt at
Tue Feb 1 13:51:23 CET 2011

On Sunday 19 December 2010 08:49:34 Ryan Rix wrote:
> I've been thinking a lot about how to give the Activity Manager a way to
> predict what a user would like to be doing at a certain time, based on
> external input, whether that's things like current GPS coordinates, what is
> scheduled in KOrganizer right now, etc. What follows is a braindump of crap
> I've been contemplating since before akademy, and it may well not make any
> sense.

[Finally catching up on my mail after holidays]

Nice to see some thinking going on around this.  I blogged about this sort of 
thing a while back as a generic concept of Events triggering Actions which you 
might be interested in reading (see and be sure to 
follow the link to Marco Polo) and with the new Activities stuff this is 
looking more achievable. I'm still looking into the geolocation side of things 
(hopefully have a state-of-the-onion email on that soon) but would be happy to 
kick ideas around sometime.


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