qtcomponents documentation

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 09:10:41 UTC 2011

On Saturday 17 December 2011, Marco Martin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I think we should do a real documentation sprint for the plasma
> qtcomponents, to have a good api doc for the 4.8 release.
> I have now merged the branch plasma-components-doc as the documentation was
> already good (and avoiding conflicts with master)
> I have to say congratulations to who woked on it, let's complete and make
> it rock for 4.8 ;)

looking at the doodle, the date/time that seems better is thursday 22 at 10:00 
am CET (09AM UTC) and go on from there the afternoon too, so there will be 
people that have to go but then lamarque and daker can come by later, so let's 
take  that date

Marco Martin

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