editing in Plasma Component's TextField and TextArea

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Dec 5 10:52:25 UTC 2011


I've worked on the editing features in the Plasma QML Components in kde-
runtime, with some pretty good success. You can find the results in kde-
runtime's sebas/editbubble branch.

The patches add -- nomen est omen -- an edit bubble to the touch version of 
the Plasma Components, which allow for basic copy and paste. Triggering is 
done on pressAndHold, the bubble moves with the cursor, so it's pretty basic 
but working quite well. (It allows the user for example to copy and paste in 
the URL bar. Obviously, this only works for our TextField and TextArea, so 
QWidgets are left out, and every other (QML) Text input should be ported to 
use Plasma Components.

For Plasma Active, I think this is quite important functionality, so I suggest 
that we ship this patch (or an improved version of it) with PA2, and then 
integrate it into kde-runtime master at the start of the next cycle.

The patch adds a MouseEventListener which is basically a MouseArea which does 
*not* intercept events (the normal MouseArea does, and it's not changable, so 
we pretty much have to do it this way). This guy moves from mobilecomponents 
into qtextra.

Note: This does not entail selection / editing for Text elements, or the 
webview itself. This is a larger issue, that we can still tackle once we're 
happy with this basic version.


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