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Wed Aug 10 08:18:02 UTC 2011

A Quarta, 10 de Agosto de 2011 06:08:56 Shaun Reich você escreveu:
> How can I get a scrollbar, preferably one that fades away when not
> needed and such, to be displayed in qml?
> Does the QML components gsoc touch on that?
> I ask because I had an urge to port the {konq, konsole, kate} session
> applets to QML.
> So I did that tonight, so far the konsole one works quite well -- but
> I'm in need of a scrollbar for the listview.
> (since obviously when you have a large number of items, you can't just
> flick everywhere.)

if you have the size of what ever you are scroling and can control the actula 
position of it, making a scroolbar should be rather trivial. 

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