Blocking mouse on entering non reachable areas in multi-screen setups

Martin Gräßlin kde at
Thu Sep 23 20:20:04 CEST 2010

On Thursday 23 September 2010 16:30:41 todd rme wrote:
>  I think a good solution integrated
> into KDE by default is a must-have.
No, this is a must-have for X. We as KDE should not dare to implement 
something like that. The probablity to get it wrong is very, very high. And 
the chances to get it somewhat working is very, very low. Getting this wrong 
would be a bigger desaster than the current sitiuation and yes it sucks and 
yes I myself have such a setup. Furthermore it would just be bad for the 
complete freedesktop if we did a solution which could not easily be reused by 
the other desktops (GNOME, XFCE) and yeah for them a Qt dependency would mean 
unusable :-P

So if we want to fix it, it needs to be done on X, but even there I think it 
is an unfixable issue (just imagine two screens with a gap between them, how 
do you want to recognize that), or somethin like that:

|           |                |
| A        |___ B___ |
|_____ |____
|                    |
| C                 |

(I hate ASCII art)
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