Review Request: Plasma::Svg: Do not require exact match for size hinted elements.

Ingomar Wesp ingomar at
Sat Oct 30 19:19:29 CEST 2010

Manuel Mommertz wrote:
>> Actually, I think it's a bit cleaner if we only accept size hinted
>> elements whose base id is non-empty - (\\d+)-(\\d+)-(.*) would also
>> accept "32-32-" for example. Although it does not matter in practice,
>> because findInCache checks whether the passed element is non-empty
>> anyways.
> I prefer wrong positives that are actually valid id's. Say we have a id
> "32-32-". With (.*)\\1 we get an empty match. But with (.+)\\1 the
> quotation mark gets part of .+ so we get all things up to the next
> quotation mark as id. And if the next quotation is the start of the next
> id (extreme unlikely but possible) we miss it completly.

Ah, no I understand your concern. Thanks for clarifying. 
I've just committed the change.

Best regards,

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