Themeable Small Arrows

Ingomar Wesp ingomar at
Wed Oct 13 16:01:32 CEST 2010

>> How would Plasma::SVG know
>> which element from the SVG it should choose?
> this works just fine since KDE 4.5
> just name the arrow id something like 24-24-arrow-left and it will be
> automatically picked over arrow-left when the size is 24x24

Mhm... I tried that with locally changed versions of arrows.svgz for air and 


Unfortunately, it didn't work for me. Is 24-24-xxx supposed to be chosen when 
the size is lower than 24x24 or does it need to be exactly 24x24 (due to their 
layout, quicklaunch and systray display the icons at 16x16 on my desktop, but 
even naming the elements 16-16-xxx didn't work)?

>> In any case: Should I post a patch for (1) for review?
> I'm fine with that

Done: <>


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