Constrained sizeHints for Plasma::IconWidget

Ingomar Wesp ingomar at
Fri Oct 8 19:30:31 CEST 2010

Marco Martin wrote:
> On Friday 08 October 2010, Ingomar Wesp wrote:

>> I'm guessing the constrained sizeHint for preferredSize is the only thing
>> that needs to be implemented, as minimum and maximum size are unaffected
>> by constraints on either dimensions?
> to be really correct as far i know, all 3 hints needs this.

Okay, I'll have to spend some thought on what it actually means to ask an item 
for it's minimum/maximum size given constraints in one or both directions.

> also, it should be possible to have the constrained size with one of the
> two dimensios as 0, that means
> do what you want in the 0 dimension, the other one is constrained

I certainly won't forget about that, since this is exactly the use case that I 
had in mind ;)

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