Import GSoC Code in to trunk?

Ryan Rix ry at
Mon Nov 22 09:01:53 CET 2010

Hey pimsters!

So, after complaining that I had missed freeze due to 
$real_life_university getting in the way, aseigo pointed out to me that 
we're still in Soft freeze for KDE 4.6. 

I'm already on the feature plan for PIM in 4.6, what will it take me to 
move my Summer of Code work in to trunk? Right now, a large amount of 
improvement is living in a private offline git-svn clone which I'd really 
like to fix, as it's nearly disappeared more than once now. 

My plan:
* Get the code somewhere public for review (I'm tempted to put it in 
kdereview, but since it requires other bits that live in kdepim, it will 
take some hackery to build it out of kdereview; suggestions? 
* Get PlasmaSummary in trunk ASAP
* Fix issues with the AppletSelector 
** Make it so that it only lists applets which have some sort of bearing 
on Pim, or could be plausibly have a use on the Summary page
** Make the UI not painful to use
* Fix any migration issues
* ???
* Profit!

The code for the kpart is already in trunk 
(kdebase/runtime/plasma/kpart), and this adds no new dependencies to 
trunk. Does this plan seem to make sense? If the summary page itself is 
not ready for 4.6, I would like to see at least the applets available in 
something like kdepim/plasma (Should this become the place for all kdepim 
applets? lionmail, mine, etc)

Ryan Rix
Ryan Rix
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