system tray work

Fredrik Höglund fredrik at
Sun May 2 23:36:24 CEST 2010

On Thursday 29 April 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On April 29, 2010, Marco Martin wrote:
> > i think i like more the second option.
> > the only problem is that the ui for it would be rather clunky (there would
> > be two distinct shortcut configurations in 2 different places that do
> > almost the same thing)
> yes, a little clunky. perhaps room for improvement in the future. bonus points 
> for working with any entry in the system tray though ;)
> which reminds me: someday we really ought to implement some keyboard 
> navigation :)

I like this option as well. Keyboard shortcuts are important for
accessability, so this is something that really should work with all
icons and not just with klipper.

Anyway, I've attached the current version of the Klipper patch.
Aside from the keyboard shortcut there's also the issue that the
dbus menu isn't always updated when the clipboard history changes.
Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

I'm hoping Aurélien has some idea about that.


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