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On March 31, 2010, daitheflu at wrote:
> I'd rather put the whole "mode access" to a dedicated panel that wouldn't
> change. 

this is the home page.

> And keep the controls in the top bar or wherever you want. (I'm

that's the idea.

> still not convinced that a common control bar is the best thing, even if
> available buttons and controls change according to the mode).

on-screen controls are required, and our choice is to make them common and 
shared so that the code is kept minimal and the look 'n feel is consistent.

> So just have
> to make it appear and select the mode you want, from wherever you are. If
> the mode is already playing, it just gains focus.

this adds visual clutter and adds button presses ("expensive" with a remote 
control) all to avoid one jump to the home page. not worth it imho.

> Exceptions aren't good *imho* because they are hard to deal with, because
> anytime someone will add a mode, you'll have to decide what exceptions to
> make. And those probably won't be everyone's.

with the mechanism i described, this isn't a problem. each mode describes the 
control layout it needs, but it's up to the MediaController itself to do the 
layout based on that description. it can keep the consistent things 
consistent, while the mode provides the custom bits.

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