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2010/3/29 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>

> On March 26, 2010, Christophe Olinger wrote:
> > This is not 100 % true. At the moment Shantanu and me try to have it
> > also scale down to netbook size screens. This will be a bigger user
> > base in the future than big tv screens IMHO. Also that is my
> i should have been more specific. by "large screens" i meant things larger
> than the n900 or the Jax10's we had at tokamak 4.
> i think a primary use case for PMC will be laptops, with T.V.s being a
> secodary one.
> as Zack points out, more important than screen size, however, is the input
> device. on pocketable devices, that is your finger (or, at worst, a
> stylus).
> on laptops, that's a keyboard and mouse. on a T.V. it's a hand-held remote
> control.
> i don't think we can sanely target both pocketable devices and
> laptops/T.V.s
> due to this. i do think we can target both laptops and T.V.s, however. the
> reason for this is that while the T.V. is limited by a remote control
> input,
> on the laptop use case when one fires up a full screen mediacenter (which
> is
> what PMC should be) you want to go into a simplified user experience that
> is
> centered around media viewing.
> if you want something richer, that doesn't take over the whole display and
> with more point-and-click finesse, that's what apps like kaffeine and
> amarok
> are for.
> this means that PMC only needs to address the same audiences that plasma-
> desktop or plasma-netbook would, and should be aiming for a UI that is
> clear
> enough that even a remote control is good enough.
> to go down this path a little bit more, even, here are some typical use
> cases
> i have in mind for PMC based on observation of today's typical computer
> user:
> * Joe is on a train / airplane travelling between two cities. The trip is
> long
> enough to watch the latest episode of his favourite T.V. show which he
> downloaded the night before from his PVR at home. Joe pops open his laptop,
> clicks on the Desktop Toolbox and selects "Media Center". PMC loads and he
> selects "Video", which presents a list of videos on his internal hard
> drive.
> * Jane is at home and wants to show her dinner guests pictures from the
> recent
> weekend trip she went on. Jane plugs her laptop into the living room
> television, opens the application launcher (Kickoff, Lancelot) and selects
> "Media Center". PMC starts up and she selects "Photos" which shows various
> sets of photo albums. After going through the "Weekend Ski Trip" photos,
> she
> goes back and selects Videos -> Youtube and loads a Youtube playlist of top
> 40
> music videos to play in the background while they visit.
> * Jaqueline sits down on the couch with her husband Jack and they turn on
> the
> television and their Plasma Media Center set top box.

> They grab the remote

or, better, their Wii Mote and just shake it =)

> control and check the videos that they had recorded / downloaded but
> haven't
> watched yet. They select an episode of House and another of Fawlty Towers
> and
> press "Play".

> now, these are the use cases i have in my mind. they may be different from
> those working on PMC have. hopefully not, but it's certainly possible. :)
> we
> should therefore get to documenting what's being done here. i've gone ahead
> and started a page here:

That's great Aaron, i'll spread the voice!

> feel free to change any and all content and add, add, add more to it.
> the use cases above do provide some interesting insights, though: it would
> be
> sensible to have a Digikam photo provider for PMC so that one can create
> their
> photo albums in Digikam and then later view those same albums in PMC. it
> would
> be sensible to have some notion of what's been watched and be able to set
> up
> simple "playlists" by selecting mutiple items from a list of available
> media.
> it doesn't matter if PMC works on the N900 well.
> thoughts?
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