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On March 28, 2010, you wrote:
> My name is Ivan, I'd like to improve global Mac-OS style menu bar as my
> GSoC project.
> Can you please point me to the development code of it?
> How does it corellate with XBar plasmoid?

there is a fairly old start to such a plasmoid in:


it has no relation to the xbar plasmoid, which only works with bespin.

done "right", i think what really ought to happen is this:

* add a "global menubar" option to the Desktop -> Workspace control panel in 
system settings

* create a Plasma::Containment of type Panel for the menubar; it would be much 
like the current Panel containment, but it would have the implementation of 
the menubar directly inside it, and it would arrange other plasmoids around 
it. this means that the menubar itself wouldn't be so much a separate plasmoid 
as it would a Plasma::Contaiment. this would go into 

* add a specialization of PanelView in plasma-desktop 
(kdebase/workspace/plasma/desktop/shell/) that is created when that 
configuration option is selected. it would instantiate the menubar contaiment 
and have a number of unique options: it would not be repositionable from the 
top of the screen, it would not be resizeable (always the height of the 
menubar) and it would not be directly removable (system settings would control 

* that means that some modifications to PanelController would be needed 
(though pretty minor) to turn off height and other such features as needed

if you wish to discuss this further, we can do so on plasma-devel at 
(CC'd on this email).


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