Manual Hiding of Plasma Panel (desktop shell)

Emdek emdeck at
Fri Mar 5 17:25:45 CET 2010

2010/3/5 Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at>:
> On March 5, 2010, Emdek wrote:
>> In comments to that bug I've written how it could work:
> a plasmoid is the wrong approach. this is about views, not the scene, and it
> should not require special set up by the user. not to mention a 'hide button
> on my desktop' is a bit nonsensical and a hide button in the middle of a panel
> isn't a compelling use case.

But why not?
DBus call for toggling panel visibility would be nice addition anyway.
Then there could be applet for people who want different (and more
advanced) approach and current  implementation "built in".
Isn't it good settlement? ;-)

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