how to access data from dataEngine::query in javascript?

Thomas Fjellstrom tfjellstrom at
Wed Jun 30 08:35:52 CEST 2010

On June 29, 2010, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On June 29, 2010, Thomas Fjellstrom wrote:
> > Oh right, just remembered why I needed the extra sources. At least the
> > Manual source has a service that allows you to add and delete hosts. I
> > imagine the other sources may want services for setting various things.
> this is why we have DataEngine::createDefaultService(QObject *parent =
> 0); it's new in 4.5, but lets you create a Service plugin that gets
> loaded on request from the DataEngine :)

Then I would need to split out the different discovery mechanisms into 
separate DataEngine's wouldn't I? Currently a single DataEngine is used for 
more than one discovery mechanism. It would have to some how know which 
mechanism to operate on.

To be honest though I /think/ I can just add the discovery sources and just 
ignore them in the main visualization code (except of course for when I want 
to use a service on them).

I'm also planning on sticking to Debian's packages for kde, I've learned 
that it is rather difficult to build KDE for Debian and have it work 100% 
correctly (especially wrt python support). Which means I'm not upgrading to 
4.5 and its api's till it's officially released for Debian (as much as I'd 
like to, I used to build kde from svn using kdesvn-build a lot during the 
4.0-4.2 days. But now that KDE has stabilized quite a lot, I'd prefer to 
have a stable system over the latest and greatest).

Thomas Fjellstrom
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