Activity identicons v 1.99 :) (post-akademy)

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Sat Jul 17 00:43:04 CEST 2010

On Tuesday 13 July 2010 10:11:46 Ivan Čukić wrote:
> To repeat Chani's question - do you have any idea how to make the more
> prominent?

Tooltips appearing and suggesting to the user the new features? (with the 
button don't show this again)

I was thinking of a simple, black-ish, transparent tooltip, that appears when 
the user is starting to use a new release and goes with the mouse near certain 
hotspots. This would be done for every major feature not easily discoverable 
(ala "did you know?", but more "contextualized", since we take in count the 
mouse position and user interaction). So for example you go on the left-top 
corner, and you see a little text saying:

- Activities -
You can create activities by clicking this button, in order to organize your 
work better. _read more_

This is just an idea that came to me looking at some mobile GUIs (or was it 
websites?), but I think that could really work in order to have the common 
user find out our best features.

What do you think?

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