Kephal or pager bug

Asraniel asraniel at
Sat Jul 3 17:49:37 CEST 2010

Ok, i don't have time right now, i'm in the middle of the exams.

So perhaps there is a second screen lying around at akademy, sounds like a 
pretty easy fix, and perhaps a few annoying multiscreen bugs get fixed by that 

have a nice day

Beat Wolf

Am Samstag 03 Juli 2010, um 06.13:49 schrieb Aaron J. Seigo:
> On July 1, 2010, Asraniel wrote:
> > I created a stand alone qt app that uses qdesktopwidget. I could observe
> > that the size of QApplication::desktop()->geometry(); changes when the
> > workAreaResized() signal is emited. But when screenCountChanged() is
> > emited, it is not. So when you get a screen added signal, the desktop
> > size has not yet changed.
> > For me, thats a bug.But it could just be wanted that way. So either the
> > pager needs to be fixed to know that, or kephal changed because for me it
> > seem unintuitive the way it is now, or qt needs to be changed.
> > If somebody wants the stand alone test app, tell me.
> i suppose that technically Kephal is correct: it's emitting the signal when
> the number of screens has changed. however, i do agree with you that it's
> unintuitive that it does so when the screen hasn't actually "taken effect"
> yet. it seems that the Kephal::Screen itself is set up properly (has the
> right size, e.g.) but that Kephal::ScreenUtils::desktopGeometry() isn't
> correct? desktopGeometry is just a call to QDesktopWidget::geometry() ...
> so Kephal is, at that moment, in an inconsistent state.
> i wonder if simply delaying the emitting of the screenAdded signal in
> Kephal would be enough to give desktopGeometry() enough time to "catch
> up".

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